2020-21 Meetings of the Society

new The next meeting is the AGM & auction which will take place at the RPSL on 27 November. The auction catalogue can be downloaded here.

Virtual Meetings

As ordinary meetings of the Society were cancelled, we have held virtual meetings of members using Zoom. The first was at 9am on Saturday 30 May 2020 and 36 people took part including several members from New Zealand. A second virtual meeting was held on Saturday 27 June and a third on Saturday 25 July. The time was changed to 9pm so that members in both New Zealand and the USA can take part. The fourth meeting was on Friday 25 September at 9pm.

The AGM took place on Zoom on Saturday 28 November at 11am. The fifth Zoom virtual meeting of members took place on Saturday 19 December at 9pm and had a Christmas theme. The sixth meeting was on Saturday 23 January at 8am to suit New Zealand members. Lindsay Chitty, President of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, gave a presentation on King Country Postcards.

The seventh virtual meeting of members took place at 8am on Saturday 27 March. The topic was Early Healths. The eighth virtual meeting of members took place at 8am on Saturday 22 May. The ninth virtual meeting of members took place at 9am on Saturday 24 July and the topic was 19th century mail to and from NZ by sea.

The presentations at the meetings are available here in a password protected folder whose user name and password has been sent to all members.

Residential Weekend

The Residential Meeting planned for September 2020, and then postponed to May 2021, at the Copthorne Hotel, Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 3RT took place on 24-26 September 2021 at the same venue. The programme is shown here .

National Meetings

Members are very welcome to attend any meeting of the Society. Potential members are welcome as guests. All meetings are notified in The Kiwi.

Midland Group

Meeting on 15 February in St Anne's Church Hall, Park Hill, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8EU, starting at 2pm.

North of England Group

Meeting on Saturday 13 November at St. Luke's Church, Lodge Road, Orrell, Wigan WN5 7AT at 12.30pm

Scottish Group

Unfortunately all meetings have had to be cancelled.

NZ2020 International Stamp Exhibition, Auckland, 19th to 22nd March 2020
Further details about the Auckland Exhibition