The Kiwi Vol 68, No 2, March 2019

Next Meeting of the Society 42
Next Meetings of the Scottish, North of England and Midland Groups 42
Notes of London Meeting January 2019 43
New publication: Cachets Applied to Interrupted New Zealand Airmail 47
New Zealand Post Stamp Issuing Programme 2019 48
Royal Mail Special Issue - Commemorating Captain Cook's Voyage of Discovery 49
Mrs Purdon Illustrated Covers Remain as Popular as Ever 50
New Zealand Native Birds - Mrs Purdon Inspires UK Artist 51
Mail Posted Ship-Side - Provision for Late Fee Mail 52
A Farewell to Health Stamps (Part 5) 57
The 1960 Pictorial Definitive Issue - Chambon Perforations 65
DHL Label on a postcard 69
Earthquake Mail 70


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