The Kiwi Vol 58, No 4, July 2009

Next Meeting of the Society 74
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 75
Joint Meeting with the NPS on August 8, 2009 75
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held in London May 30, 2009 76
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group May 16, 2009 78
Notes of the Meeting of the Scottish Group May 30, 2009 79
Annual Society Auction Notification 80
Media Release: (50th Anniversary of Opening of Auckland Harbour Bridge) 81
Midpex 2009 82
Publication Received (Cachets Cancels and Cards aspects of PH of WWI) 82
A Question Posed, A Problem Solved 83
The Red Triangle Series of Postcards 84
The Hackmey 2/- Rate Cover 84
The First Pictorial Issue Reconsidered 85
The Government Printer and 'Cross' and 'Target' Markings 88
Complete Sheets of Stamps Wanted 91
New Forum for Members 91

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