The Kiwi Vol 58, No 5, September 2009

Next Meeting of the Society 95
Next Meeting of the Midland Group 95
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 96
Forthcoming Seminar at the National Philatelic Society 96
Notes of the Meeting of the Society on July 25, 2009 96
Report on the sale of Philatelic Journals 100
Robin M. Startup signs the Role of Distinguished Philatelists 101
A Press release from Campbell Paterson 101
Media Releases (Heitiki, 2009 Scenic Definitives, A Tiki Tour of New Zealand) 102
Publications Received (Vending & Affixing Machine Coils, PO Buildings in the Lower North Island) 104
Timpex 2009 105
The Dominion Airlines Stamps of New Zealand 106
A Tale of a Tail 106
Illustrated World War Two Letter Sheets 112
An Unusual Cancellation 115

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