The Kiwi Vol 63, No 3, May 2014

Next Meeting of the Society 58
Next Meetings of the Scottish Group 58
Next Meeting of the North of England Group 58
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held on 29 March 2014 59
Notes of the Meeting of the Midland Group held 2 November 2013 60
Annual Society Auction Notification 61
Extra Issue to Celebrate Royal Visit to New Zealand 62
Pioneer Fights 1: Raymond Whitehead & Rex Nicholl - 22nd November 1934 64
An Edwardian fascination with a Second Sideface Flaw 66
New Zealand Advertising Telegraph Forms 67
"Guide Dots" in Otago and Canterbury Centennial Issues 76
Coloured Edges not Permitted 80
Express Cover to Antwerp Delayed for 4 Years 81
Stanley Gibbons' 1954 Christmas Card 82


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