The Kiwi Vol 60, No 2, March 2011

Next Meeting of the Society 27
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 31
Next Meeting of the Scottish Regional Group 28
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held in London on 29 January 2011 28
Rules for the 12 Sheet Competition 31
From the Committee 32
Awards to members 33
The Annual Auction 33
An Index for The Kiwi 33
Media Releases (New Zealand Post Stamps Celebrate Year of the Rabbit, Stamps Showcase Kapa Haka - A Traditional Maori Performing Art) 34
Publications Received (The Len Jury catalogue of New Zealand Stamps 2011) 36
1936 Chambers of Commerce 36
1d 1898 Colour Trial Postally Used 37
A Mystery NZ 1 Official Stamp 38
The New Zealand Government Life Insurance Department: Part 2 39

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