The Kiwi Vol 60, No 4, July 2011

The Annual Auction 70
Membership News 70
Next Meeting of the Society 70
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 71
Notes of the Society Meeting held May 28, 2011 71
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group, 26 February 2011 73
The Society 60th Anniversary Publication 74
Awards to Members 75
Our Man in New Zealand 75
Media Releases: (Royal Marriage, KiwiStamps, Victoria Cross Recipients, Marine Animals, Matakariki) 75
Publication Received (Hill Country Mails) 78
Christchurch Philatelic Society Centennial Stamp Exhibition 78
Recent Auction Realisations 79
World War I Hospital Ship Postal History 80
Canterbury Earthquake! 81
Earthquake Mail - The Central City Box Lobbies 84
A Summary of the First 50 Years of New Zealand Christmas Stamps (Part 1) 87
Redirection and Surcharges on an 1863 Cover 91

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