The Kiwi Vol 59, No 2, March 2010

Next Meeting of the Society 30
Next Meeting of the Scottish Regional Group 30
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 31
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held in London on 30 January 2010 31
The York Weekend 33
An Award for the Chairman 33
From the Committee 34
Media Releases (New Zealand Post Stamps Celebrate Year of the Tiger, New Zealand Post extends Personalised Stamps Offer) 35
London 2010 Festival of Stamps 36
Revisiting the New Zealand 1970 Definitive Issue 37
Publications Received (The Postage Stamps of New Zealand: 1855 - 1873. The Chalon Issues by R Odenweller; New Zealand Postal Rates & Regulations Pre 1874 by G Ellot; British Empire Civil Censorship Devices in WWII, by J Little) 41
New Zealand Post 2010 Stamp Issues 42
Illustrated World War II Letter Sheets (Part 2) 43

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