The Kiwi Vol 52, No 4, July 2003

Next London Meeting of the Society 74
September Meeting of the Society 74
Notes of London Meeting held May 31, 2003 (Edward VII and 1d Dominion) 74
Publications available 76
Notes of Midlands Group Meeting April 5, 2003 77
Annual Society Auction 77
An Offer to Members (Collecting New Zealand Stamps) 78
Media Releases: (New Definitives, Conquest of Everest, QE II Coronation) 78
Recent Auction Realisations 80
Not Guilty, Yer 'Onner. Reflections on Postal Deregulation and Stamp Collectors 81
Postal Deregulation 82
Coil and Stamp Vending Machines in the 1970s 83
Prisoner of War Camps 83
Serendipity or Luck? 84
Postal Fiscal Stamps Overprinted for use in the Dependencies 87
New Zealand to Finland: An Important New Find 88
Reel Join 90
Illustrated Envelopes 91

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