The Kiwi Vol 72, No 4, July 2023

Social Media and the Society (Facebook) 124
Society News 125
NZ2023 International Philatelic Exhibition (Results) 125
Next Meeting of the Society 127
Next Meeting of the Scottish Group 127
Next Meeting of the North of England Group 127
Notes of Zoom Meeting, 29 April 2023 128
Notes of London Meeting, 20 May 2023 131
Notes of the North of England Group Meeting, 27 May 2023 136
New Zealand Post New Issues 139
Response to Previous Articles 143
Excised 'Headqharters' Obliterator on Cover 144
The "First" All-Air Flight from New Zealand to the United Kingdom 147
A Short-Lived Registration Rate to Germany in 1890 154
Linked Covers Carried to London Via Panama in 1867 155
American Patriotic Cover Used From New Zealand 158


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