The Kiwi Vol 72, No 1, January 2023

Programme of Society Meetings for 2023 5
Next Meetings of the Society 6
Notes of the North of England Group Meeting, November 2022 7
New Zealand Post New Issue - Women in Science, Chinese New Year; Ross Dependemcy; 9
The Margaret Frankcom Social History Collection 12
Response to: Mysyery Dots on 1970 Definitive Counter Coils 14
1970 Definitive Issue - Aghesive Tape Iells a Story 15
Date Formats Used on ChalonEra Circular Date Stamps 16
Late Fees Applied to Mail from the UK to New Zealand 21
First Sideface High Values 23
Second Pictorial Issue - 1931 Competition 33
2022 KiwiStamp Booklet - Bigger and Different? 24
Why were the 1855 New Zealand and Australian State Stamps the Size they were? 26
A Farewell to Health Stamps - Part Ten 28
Handling Mail on Royal Tours of New Zealand 34
Results of the 2022 Annual Society Auction 36
Minutes of the 71st AGM of the Society 37


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