The Kiwi Vol 71, No 4, July 2022

Social Media and the Society (Facebook) 124
Society News 125
Next Meeting of the Society 126
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 126
Next Meeting of the Scottish Group 126
Next Meeting of the North of England Group 126
Program for Platinum Anniversary 127
Do you know where the Chalon Portraits are? 128
Notes of London Meeting, 21 May 2022 129
Notes of the Scottish Group Meeting, Perth 23 April 2022 135
Notes of the North of England Group Meeting, 28 May 2022 136
Response to Previous Article: Blue Anchor Line 138
Book Review: Mail Associated with the ill-fated 1935 Trans-Tasman Jubilee Flight, by Neil Donen 140
New Zealand Post New Issues 141
Mail Stolen from Stratford Post Office, 1897 144
Mail Bag Stolen by Person/Persons Unknown, 1978 147
New Zealand and the Second Anglo-Boer War: Part 3 148
Who Sent the Mottram 1 Shilling Chalon Bisect Covers? 154
Campbell Paterson's catalogue: 1951 first edition 156
New Zealand Chalon Reprints in Black Ink 158


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