The Kiwi Vol 70, No 6, November 2021

Annual Society Auction 209
Next Meeting of the Society 210
Notes of the Member's Weekend, Newcastle upon Tyne 208
F J East Silver Jubilee Trophy 218
Biennial Society Competition 219
Notes of the North of England Group Meeting, 4 September 2021 220
Review of: 'New Zealand Airmail Catalogue, 4th Edition' 222
Response to: Captain Francis Cadell and his Correspondence 223
Response to: Lake Brunner 223
New Issues: Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; Lord of the Rings 20th Anniversary 224
1946 Peace Issue: the 3d Tailfin Retouches 226
2½d Sideface with Advertisements - A new discovery with two prints 230
1967 5 cent Bisected Stamp - Nice Try? 233
A World War II Stamped Pigeon Post Flimsy 234
1897 Printed Stationery Postcard - Variety 238
Captain Francis Cadell and his Correspondence fro New Zealand to Scotland, Part 2: after August 1866 238


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