The Kiwi Vol 66, No 5, September 2017

Next Meeting of the Society 150
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 150
Next Meeting of the North of England Regional Group 150
Next Meeting of the Scottish Group 150
Notes of London Meeting on 29 July 2017 151
New Zealand Post - Unscheduled Issue 154
New Zealand Post Calls Time on Special Health Stamps 155
Printing Records for Long Type Revenue Stamps - New Information and Catalogue Corrections 156
Perfins on Second Sideface Advert Stamps 159
New Zealand 1946 Peace Issue - Waterlow Plate Numbers Confirmation and New Findings 160
Centenary of the Visit of the Hospital Ship 'Marama' to Timaru in 1917 164
Sorting the Penny Universal Issues 166
Cadburys in New Zealand 170
Request for help from members 178


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