The Kiwi Vol 66, No 2, March 2017

Next Meeting of the Society 42
Next Meetings of the Scottish, North of England and Midland Groups 42
Notes of London Meeting January 2017 43
New Zealand Post Stamp Issuing Programme 2017 45
Perkins Bacon Obliterators 46
Commercial Use of the First Pictorials 47
Bisected Stamps with Greenmeadows Datestamp 47
New Zealand's Alternative Mail Services 48
The 'British Pacific Service' 2s 6d Airmail rate: November - December 1946 54
Unlisted Covers from the SS 'Wairarapa' 56
SS 'Argyle' and the Wreck of the SS 'Wairarapa' 62
Postal Use of the 1/- Edward VII Stamp 63
New Zealand Emergency Flights in June 1940 64
Power from the Manapouri 68
2016 Christchurch Stamp and Postcard Exhibition - Imperforate Miniature Sheets 69


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