The Kiwi Vol 63, No 5, September 2014

Next Meeting of the Society, Members Weekend, Glasgow 114
Next Meeting of the North of England Regional Group 115
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 115
Notes of London Meeting on 'Postal treatment of Postcards', 26 July 2014 115
New Publication: The Chalon Sorting Guide 117
Acknowledgement Cards in the First World War 118
Beginning and End of the Empire Air Mail Scheme from New Zealand 120
Maori War Cancellations: The Province of Auckland Datestamps 124
Helpful Advice from New Zealand Post 131
Request for Help from members (British Forces 2668 Postal Services; NZ Medical Supplies Store, Camberwell; Painting used on 1965 Health Issue; 1998 25c Te Hau definitive Perforation Error) 132


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