The Kiwi Vol 62, No 1, January 2013

Next Meeting of the Midland Group 3
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 3
Minutes of the 61st AGM 3
Notes of the Meeting of the Scottish Group on 3 November, 2012 9
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group on 10 November, 2012 9
Results of the 2012 Annual Society Auction 10
Non New Zealand Entries by NZSGB Members at Stampex 2012 11
Media Releases (NZ Christmas Stamps, Fish of Tokelau, The Hobbit) 12
Recent Auction Realisations 14
Library Acquistion of the volume: 'The R.D. Gwynn Collection of the New Zealand First Sideface Issue, 1874-1882' 16
Upper Hutt 2013 Stamp Show 16
Printed to Private Order Postal Stationery Envelopes, Allied Finance Ltd 1938 - 1940 16

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