The Kiwi Vol 61, No 1, January 2012

Joint Meeting with the British Society of Australian Philatelists 3
Next Meeting of the Society 3
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 3
Next Meeting of the Midland Group 3
Minutes of the 60th AGM 4
Notes of the Joint Meeting of the Scottish and Northern Groups on 22 November, 2011 7
The Society 60th Anniversary Celebrations 10
Notes of Midland Group Meeting held 29 October, 2011 12
Notes of Northern Group Meeting held 12 November, 2011 12
Results of the 2011 Annual Society Auction 13
Meetings of the Northern Group in 2012 13
Media Releases (NZ Christmas Stamps, Ross Dependency, Niue and Tokelau Christmas) 14
Publications Received (Parcel Carriage Labels, NZ 1d Dominion Plate 12 & 13 Plating Studies; Post Office Buildings in Auckland Province; Pre-Printed Postal Stationery of the Printing and Stationery Department, Patriotic Covers) 16
CPS 100 Centennial Stamp and Postcard Exhibition 19
Forthcoming NZ Philatelic Exhibitions 19
Recent Auction Realisations 19
Earthquake Mail- Ashburton 20
New Zealand Reply Coupons (Part 1) 21

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