The Kiwi Vol 59, No 5, September 2010

Next Meeting of the Scottish Group 91
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 91
Programme for the Philatelic Weekend 92
Next Meeting of the Midland Group 92
The Society Competition 93
Notes of the Meeting of the Society on July 31, 2010 93
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Regional Group on May 20, 2010 94
Notes of the Meeting of the Scottish Regional Group on June 19, 2010 95
The Kiwi is now on the RPSL DataBase 99
Presentation by and to a Member 99
Media Releases (Maori Kites, Maori Rugby, 2010 Health) 100
Publications Received (NZ Perfins, A History of Pim & Co, NZ 1d Dominion) 103
New Zealand's Rarest Stamp now at Te Papa 104
The The sale of Joseph Hackmey's Collection of Chalons (Part 2) 104
L. J. Hausburg 105
A New watermark Variety on the 9d KGV Definitive 106
Cape Kidnapper's 'Kiwi' CAL, Cinderella and First day Cover 106
Express Delivery with Other Services 107
Wheelbarrow Mail 110
The 1911 Coronation Airmail 111
Three Cheers for New Zealand Post and None for Royal Mail! 111

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