The Kiwi Vol 58, No 6, November 2009

Membership 118
Agenda for the Annual General Meeting 119
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 120
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group held on 19 September, 2009 120
Notes of the Joint Meeting between the NZ Society of GB and the National Philatelic Society held on 8 August, 2009 121
Media Releases: (Health Stamps, Kiwistamps, Niue Definitives) 122
Publication Received (New Zealand Chalon Issue 1855-1873 CD) 125
Timpex 2009 126
Changes to New Zealand Post 126
A Correction (to a Tale of a Tail) 127
New Zealand Air Mail to the United Kingdom and Canada via the United States in 1940-41: Was it flown within the United States? 128
London 2010 133
Index to Volume 58 (2009) 134

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