The Kiwi Vol 57, No 6, November 2008

Membership News 103
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 103
Next Meeting of the Society and Agenda AGM 104
Notes of the Philatelic Weekend in Torquay on September 26-29, 2008 104
Notes of the Northern Regional Group held on September 13, 2008 108
Special Postmarks (Centenary of Main Trunk Line and Tarapex) 109
Media Releases: (Kiwiness from A to Z, Main Trunk Line, Christmas) 112
DX Mail Loses Contract to Deliver UK Mail 113
Publication Received (Illustrated FDCs 1933-2000) 113
Expertising Service Available 114
Questions of Health - Further Examples of Patching 114
Comments on the Report of the Meeting on Chalons (May 31, 2008) 115
Spring Global Mail 116
The Last Lightkeeper of Cape Reinga 117
The 1893 Advertisement Stamps - A US Connection 119
Endnote: William McGonagall and the Adsons 122
Index to Volume 57 of the Kiwi 123

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