The Kiwi Vol 57, No 3, May 2008

Next Meeting of the Society 46
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 47
Fothcoming Meeting: Bob Odenweller at the Royal 47
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held 29 March 2008 47
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group held 16 Feb 2008 49
Notes of the Meeting of the Western Group held 8 March 2008 49
Meeting of the Midland Group held 8 March 2008 50
Early Notification of the Annual Auction 51
Media Releases (Wild Weather) 51
Publications Received (Post Office Buildings in the South Island, Tutapere and Districts Post and Telephone Services) 52
Advisory from the RPSNZ Expert Committee (2004 Olympic lenticular varieties) 54
Future New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Dates 54
Canpex Inc. Bulletin No. 1 54
A website for New Zealand Stamps 55
DX Mail - A Satisfactory Outcome 56
DX Mail - Further Correspondence - The Story Continues 56
Motuihi and Somes Islands - World War I New Zealand Internment Camp Mail (Part 2) 57
Early Airmail to the United States with Mixed Franking 60
The British Kiwi 62

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