The Kiwi Vol 57, No 2, March 2008

Next Meeting of the Society 26
Next Meeting of the Scottish Regional Group 26
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 27
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held 26 January 2008 27
From the Committee 29
The Annual Auction - Distribution of the Catalogue 30
Ernie W Leppard - An Appreciation 31
NZ Society Special Publication No 3 32
An Invitation to those visiting Tarapex 32
Media Releases (Underwater Grandeur and Year of the Rat) 33
Publications Received(Send Me a Postcard, Len Jury Catalogue) 34
A Comment on the Follow up to "What would Smithy have said?" 35
DX mail 36
Postal Stationery Queries 37
Help, Please with an Unusual Postal Label 39
The 1945 Healths 39
Motuihi and Somes Island - World War I New Zealand Internment Camp mails (Part 1) 40

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