The Kiwi Vol 56, No 5, September 2007

Acting Honorary Treasurer 94
Next Meeting of the Western Regional Group 94
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 95
Joint Meeting of the Northern and Scottish Regional Groups 95
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held in London on July 28, 2007 95
Notes of the Meeting of the Scottish Group on June 2, 2007 97
From the Committee 98
Report on the Literature Sale and Prices Realised 99
Media Releases (Night Sky, Stamp Tikki Tour, Scouts Datestamp) 103
From the Auctions 104
Review of Publications Received(Northland Post Offices) 104
Help Requested (Re-write of the Stapleton Airmail Catalogue) 106
Mr Mercer and the Unsubsidised Flights - A Further Thought 106
The TB Seals 107
Post Shops of Today - Changes in Name 107
Lever Brothers & Port Sunlight Soap (Part 2) 108
The Significance of Lines on the 1945 Health Stamps 111

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