The Kiwi Vol 56, No 3, May 2007

Next Meeting of the Society 46
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 46
2008 Philatelic Weekend 46
Future Joint Meeting of the Northern and Scottish Groups 47
Report of the Meeting of the Society held 31 March 2007 47
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group held 17 Feb 2007 48
Notes of the Meeting of the Western Group held 31 March 2007 49
The Annual Society Auction 50
Obituary: Bernard Symonds 50
The New Zealand Society Library at the National Philatelic Society 52
Forthcoming Auctions (Sir Gawaine Bailley's remainders and Spink Auction) 54
Pictorial Date Stamps (Northland Stamp Exhibition, Ross Dependency) 55
Media Releases (Year of the Pig, Native Fauna) 56
Review of Publications (Handbook Vol IX, Ken Lynch: 'Chalon' Issues) 57
Fake NZ Stamps Seized 58
New Zealand 2007 Stamp Calendar 59
New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Dates 59
Some Comments of the Meeting Report on 'Airmails' 60
The First Unsubsidised Air Service 61
Adelaide - Perth Airmail: The New Zealand Connection 61
Willi Fels and the First World War Censors 66

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