The Kiwi Vol 55, No 3, May 2006

Next Meeting of the Society 50
Rearranged Meeting of the Midland Group 50
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 50
Next Meeting of the Scottish Regional Group 50
The New Zealand Philatelic Weekend 2006 51
A Note from the Honorary Secretary 51
The Library 52
The Annual Auction 52
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held 25 Feb 2006 54
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Group held 18 Feb 2006 55
Obituary: John Woolfe 56
Press Releases (Anniversary of Hawke's Bay Earthquake, New Zealand's Natural Beauty, Changes to Postmarking of Mail by New Zealand Post) 57
Coming Events (Kiwipex 2006, Northland 2007) 61
The Sale of the Sir Gawaine Baillie Collection of New Zealand Stamps 61
Special Publications - A Reminder 64
The 'PAID ALL' Marking 64
The Christchurch Exhibition Cancellation 65
The Chinese and the Goldfields 65

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