The Kiwi Vol 55, No 2, March 2006

Next Meeting of the Society 30
Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 31
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held 28 January 2006 31
12 sheet Competition Regulations 35
From the Committee 36
Forthcoming Auction of Postal Stationery 36
Book on the First Pictorials - An Update 37
Press Releases (Year of the Dog, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe) 37
Recent Auction Realisations 38
Publications Received(Picture Postcards showing NZ POs, NZ Paid and Official Paid Postal Date-stamps, NZ Parcel Post Date-stamps and Second Class Mail Obliterators, Len Jury Catalogue) 39
NZ 2005 National Stamp Exhibition - A Report 41
Kiwipex 2006 41
An Addendum to 'Thoughts on Perusing Old Philatelic Literature' 42
A Thought on the Health Stamps 42
Further Thoughts on 'The Menu' 43
A Question about the TB Associations 45
The Christchurch Exhibition Cancellation 45
NZ Post Appreciation Cards 45
The 1935 Pictorial Issues and Associated Postal Rates with Dates of Printing of Varieties (Part 7): June 1944 - August 1944 47

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