The Kiwi Vol 54, No 6, November 2005

Membership 111
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 111
Next Meeting of the Society 112
Agenda for the 53rd AGM of the Society 112
Early Notification of a Special Meeting of the Society 112
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held in Taunton on September 24, 2005 113
Notes of the Midland Group Meeting held on September 17, 2005 115
Notes of the Northern Group Meeting held on September 10, 2005 116
Awards to Members 117
Press Release: (NZ Post celebrates 150 years of stamps) 117
Proposed Future New Issues by New Zealand Post 118
New Zealand 2005 National Stamp Show 119
Forthcoming New Zealand Philatelic Exhibitions 119
Publication Received (World War II Mail between NZ and Switzerland) 119
Some Changes in Ownership to Postal Outlets 120
Mowbray's buys Stirling & Co 120
Rarities at the Click of a Mouse 120
The Celebration Dinner Menu: Memories of a Philatelic Childhood 121
A Strange Coincidence 125
Index to Volume 54 127

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