The Kiwi Vol 54, No 3, May 2005

Next London Meeting of the Society 42
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 42
Advance Notice of the Inaugural West Country Regional Group 43
Notes of the Meeting of the Society held 2 April 2005 43
Biennial 12 sheet Competition Results 44
Notes of the Meeting of the Northern Regional Group held 26 Feb 2005 45
Displays by Members 46
A Most Unusual Collection for Sale (OPSO) 46
Media Releases (Year of Rooster, Rotary / Lions / YMCA, 150Years of Stamps Stamp Historical Milestones) 46
Review of Publications (Rails through Wharerata) 49
Addition to the Library (Chalon Handbook) 49
Award to Member 51
New Zealand 2005 National Stamp Show 51
Some Information about a Boer War Cover 51
Thoughts on the Tattersall Cover 53
Airmail to New Zealand via Karachi, March 1929 54
A New label from New Zealand Post 55
Difficulties of the Nelson Post Office in 1845 56
Findings from Files - Urgent Paper Requirements for Royal Visit Stamps 58

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