The Kiwi Vol 53, No 2, March 2004

Next Meeting of the Midland Regional Group 26
Next Meeting of the Scottish Regional Group 26
Next London Meeting of the Society 27
Notes of the Joint Meeting with the Pacific Islands Study Circle, Jan 31, 2004 27
From the Committee 30
Publications available 30
Annual Competition 31
The Scottish Weekend 31
New Zealand Stamp Programme for 2004 31
Media Release (Endangered Animals) 31
Review of Publications: NZ Parcel Post labels, Illustrated FDCs Pt.2, SG One Country Catalogue 32
The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand 37
The Munich Philatelic Library 37
A Future major Auction of New Zealand Airmails 38
Availability of 'Chalon' Issues 38
The First Pictorial Sample Sheets - The Die Proofs and their Status 38
The First Pictorial Sheets 39
A Strange Cancellation 41
XMAS 2003 Early Bird Label 42
2003 $1 Christmas Card Special 43

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