The Kiwi Vol 53, No 1, January 2004

Next Meeting of the Society 2
Next Meeting of the Northern Regional Group 2
Meetings of the Northern Group in 2004 2
Meetings of the Scottish Group in 2004 3
Meetings of the Midland Group in 2004 3
Minutes of the 52nd AGM 3
Notes of Northern Group Meeting held November 1, 2003 6
Notes of the Joint Meeting of the Northern and Scottish Groups held November 15, 2003 6
The Scottish Weekend 7
Publications available 7
New Co-ordinator of Scottish Group 7
Auction Realisations 8
16 sheet Competition Regulations 9
Awards to members (Welpex and Marcel Stanley Trophy) 10
Honour for editor of The Kiwi 10
Media Releases: Christmas, Marine Life, and Lord of the Rings coins 11
Publications received: Telegraph datestamps, Alternative postal operators 12
Special Datestamp (Lord of the Rings Premiere) 13
The New Zealand Postal Environment - Update June 2003 14
New Zealand Forces in Central London in the First World War 18
Shop! 22
1938 Crash of the Imperial Airways Flying Boat Calpurnia 23

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