The Kiwi Vol 52, No 6, November 2003

Agenda for 52nd Annual General Meeting 119
Joint Meeting of the Scottish and Northern Groups 120
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 120
Notes of the Meeting held in Warwick on September 27, 2003 120
Notes of the Northern Group Meeting held on September 20, 2003 122
Publications available 123
An Invitation to Scotland in October, 2004 123
Award to a Member (Stampex 2003) 124
Baypex 2004 124
Special Datestamps (NZ Home of Middle-earth, Welpex) 124
Media Releases: (Centenary of AA, Lord of the Rings) 125
Publications Received (Franking Machines, Alternative Postal Operators, Chalon Issues) 126
Illustrated Envelopes 128
The Express Delivery Service 129
Answer to a Question about a World War I Cover 130
Further Thoughts on New Zealand Local Posts 130
Prisoner of War Camp Cover 133
The Second Pictorials: Problems with the Fourpence Plates 133
Greek Army Involvement with the NZ Corps at the Breakthrough at the Tebaga Gap 137
North Otago Centennial MailPrisoner of War Camp Cover 138
Index for Volume 52 139

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