The Kiwi Vol 51, No 6, November 2002

Next London Meeting of the Society 107
Next Meeting of Scottish Group 108
Next Meeting of Northern Group 108
Society meeting on October 5 108
Meeting of the Midland Group Sept 7th 2002 110
Meeting of the Northern Group Sept 21st 2002 111
Meeting of the Scottish Group June 29th 2002 111
Obituary: Elizabeth Berry 111
Chester 2002 112
Recent Auction Realisations 112
Review of Publications Received: New Zealand Pictorial and Special Event Datestamps 1882-2002; The Illustrated Aviation and Air Mail History of Fiji; Spurious Maori Placenames of Southern New Zealand 113
Media Release: Christmas Stamps; America's Cup; Leading the Waves; Holiday Hideaways; 100th Anniversary of Discovery Expedition; Lord of the Rings 114
PermitPost and FreePost Update 117
Incorrectly addressed cover from Waimate 119
Newest national park: Stewart Island / Rakiura National Park 119
Findings from File: Paper Costings Yet Again 124
An Unknown Engraver of Health Essays and Captain Cook material 126
Index to Volume 51 127

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