The Kiwi Vol 51, No 3, May 2002

Next Meeting of the Society 46
Next Meeting of the Northern Group 46
Notes of London Meeting held April 6, 2002 (Second Pictorials) 46
Notes of Northern Group Meeting Feb 16, 2002 48
Anniversary Meeting at the Royal 48
Awards to Members (Northpex Medals) 49
Media Releases: (Fungi, Bird Habitat, Architectural Heritage) 50
Special Datestamps (Northpex) 50
Review of Publications Received 52
Developments in New Zealand Postal Services 53
The Laver Correspondence 55
World War I Field Ambulance 56
A Further Example of a Presentation Booklet of Stamps 57
A Further Thought on a Cancellation on a Chalon 57
Once in a Lifetime Find: A New Manuscript Cancellation 58
Story behind the Cover: Wellington to London via India 60

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