The Kiwi Vol 51, No 2, March 2002

Display to the Royal 26
Next Meeting of the Midland Group 27
Preview of the Next London Meeting 27
Notes of London Meeting held Jan 26, 2002 27
From the Committee 28
Obituary: Robert Samuel 28
Northpex 2002 29
Media Release: Year of the Horse 30
Review of Publications Received 30
Recent Auction Realisations 32
Further Information on Universal Mail(NZ) 33
Information on the "Per Lurline" Marking 34
Thoughts on the WWI Field Ambulance 35
More on the Temporary Post Office at Waitangi 35
WWI Troopship Markings: The Diamond Mystery 36
A Little Bit of New Zealand in Derby? 39
A Major New Postal History Discovery (Takapuna) 40
A New Zealand Post Personal Uprating Service? 41
Cancellation on a Chalon 43

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