Welcome to the New Zealand Society of Great Britain

As it has not been possible to hold normal meetings, we have held nine virtual meetings of members, the latest being on 24 July 2021 . Details are available here.

The Society exists for the study of the stamps and postal history of New Zealand and its Dependencies. Although the majority of our members are based in Great Britain, we have a large number of international members.

All aspects of New Zealand philately and stamp collecting are dealt with by our members: from Chalon Heads to modern issues; postal history including air mails; health, Christmas issues, commemoratives, Antarctica and revenues as well as definitive postage stamps. Our members range from general collectors to the top specialists in their field.

Our journal, The Kiwi, is published six times a year and contains articles of both a general and specialised nature together with other useful information on the stamps and postal history of New Zealand. The Kiwi also provides a valuable forum for debate and correspondence between members. Pdf files containing the full text of the first 65 volumes and an index of the first 60 volumes can be downloaded here while the full text for more recent years can be downloaded here. The latter is in a password protected folder and Society members can get the username/password by emailing:

new Members who have signed up to get The Kiwi in electronic form can access it here using the user name and password that they have been given.

Meetings are held in London every two months and, in addition, Regional Groups meet in the North West, the Midlands, the West of England and in Scotland. Information is available here.

new The Residential Meeting planned for September 2020, and then postponed to May 2021, at the Copthorne Hotel, Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 3RT will now take placeon 24-26 September 2021 at the same venue. The programme is shown here .

new We are building a major research archive on New Zealand philately. It includes original official Government documents, Campbell Paterson Newsletters and Bulletins, Mrs Purdon illustrated covers and unpublished research by members of which the most recent examples are listings of all known Personalised Stamps from mid 2019 to end 2020 and a study of the 1967 Health issue. Links to past NZ Post Bulletins and Focus Magazines are available here.

new Johnny Barkley is developing a website on New Zealand Postal Stationery Cards which displays his extensive collection.

Members' collecting interests are supported by a thriving packet circuit (available to all UK members) and an annual auction . Members are also entitled to use the library of the Royal Philatelic Society London at 15 Abchurch Lane, London EC4N 7BW

A complete site search can be made, e.g. for words in all articles in The Kiwi or CP Newsletter.


The Society was founded in 1952 and is affiliated to:

Updated: 18 October 2021